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  • Mrs. Tobin's email: tt01bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us
  • The Language of Literature will be the anthology of short stories to study vocabulary, setting, characters, plot, theme and other literary elements. We will read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, read several mysteries through book clubs, share Greek myths, and enjoy reading screen plays or other dramatization of stories during class.
  • http://prev-criterion.ets.org. Log in for Criterion writing
  • Sentence Writing Strategies will be used to study the structure of language:

  • Quizlet link...make your own electronic flashcards to help with memorizing information: http://quizlet.com/class/486643/
  • Writing tip: Use the below transition list to help your writing flow naturally:

  • Be a responsible student and share information with other students in your hour.

4th marking period

April 20th
After reading and highlighting the entire article, decide what side you will take as a claim. Show me your highlighting
Write your claim in the Graphic Organizer provided. Begin looking for evidence.

April 21st
1. Show highlighting before you get a graphic organizer.
2. Finish the organizer by the end of the day.
2. If done, add 2 sentences for reasoning on each piece of evidence--from your perspective. ( 2 sentences times 5 pieces of evidence means 10 pieces of reasoning) Write 2 sentences of reasoning underneath or next to each box for 5 pieces of evidence.
3. Continue reading your 2nd mystery. If you completed the 2nd mystery, write a Step up to Writing summary. Handout in class.

April 22nd
1. Students are at different parts of the writing process. All students should have showed me underlining. 80% of students have completed their organizational chart. 20% need to show me their organizational charts.
2. Students received a checklist to show how to organize their papers and are typing rough copies.

April 23rd
1. Work time in class--Bring computers and ipads to type your own paper if possible.
2. Rough copies are due tomorrow.

April 24th
1. Rough copies are due today.
2. Spring Criterion prompt.

April 27th

Social studies connection: South Africa experience. As a primary resource, students are asked to listen, take notes, and ask questions about South Africa before they fill out the pages for Mrs. Warnica.

April 28th
Parents: Please have your child show his/her Fall prompt writing sample to the Spring prompt writing sample. Compare both pieces of writing without focusing on the scores. First, teachers are looking for a strong claim that mentions the other side. Second, teachers want to see the scene description before making a direct quote. Third, English teachers want proper MLA citation formatting immediately after the quote. Fourth, teachers want reasoning to extend into 2-3 sentences. Some teachers may want more reasoning. Finally, end in a synthesis statement instead of a simple conclusion. Think about insights, implications, predictions, or other strategies to use.

STUDENTS: EXTRA CREDIT: Have your parent write a simple note stating that he/she read both papers. Then comment on the writing, not the score. You both sign it. Turn in on Friday, May 1st.

Work on writing your final copy. Think about all mini lessons and handouts on the front table, use graphic organizers, handouts of lists of transitions, "Getting the Reader's Attention".

April 29th
1. Receive more feedback from Mrs. Gastineau on the rough copies if you need it or need more time.
2. Read Paired Passage 8
3. Final copies of Social networking CERS will be collected today or tomorrow for full credit.

April 30th
1. Collect other final copies if ready.
2. Read a Sherlock Holmes play.
3. Proofreading packet.

May 1st
1. Finish any required written work that hasn't been completed before you read your novel.
2. Silently read your novels or work on a summary to your 7th reading requirement.

May 4- 9

MI STEP testing for English Language Arts this week. Students will receive Part 1 and Part 2 on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday I am back in my room reading a prompt to each class. If your child is absent, there will be a recording of the verbal prompt. On Thursday, students will respond to the prompt with a performance task. I will be proctoring the test all week, so Mrs. Gastineau will be the sub in my room. Since students will need stamina reading and writing next week, those back in class will have a light language arts class with short mysteries and videos. The following week when Math is testing, there will be more reading and reflection assignments.

*7th reading requirement is due on May 12th. That will be a Step Up To Writing Summary for the 2nd mystery novel. The 8th reading requirement is due early June, book of choice, summary. Students need a novel every day during testing, so this is a good time to finish the requirement.

Students need a good night's sleep with a nutritious breakfast. Monday and Tuesday are 2 and 1/2 hour tests, and I will be there to encourage them. We will take a break, but no water, food or any electronic devices will be allowed in the lab.

May 11th
Packet given to students--complete the first 3 pages.
Summaries of 2nd mystery novel are due.

May 12th
Collect summaries of 2nd mystery
Continue to work on pages 4-10--due on Thursday, May, 14th

May 13th
Class time to work on packet 1.
For students that completed the packet, start packet 2.

May 14th
Correct packet 1 in class.
Work time for packet 2.

May 15th
Work on packet 2 in class.
Watch video.

May 18th
Work on packet 2
Continue watching video.

May 19th
More time to finish packet 2
Continue watching video.

May 20th
Self correct packet 2
Mini lesson: analogies
Model worksheet 11
Complete 11-14.

May 21st
Go over answers to 11-14
Activity: Point of view of an article. Real Estate Agent or Burglar?
Finish the analogy packet

May 22nd
Correct the rest of the packet.
Round Robin writing
Happy Memorial Day weekend!

May 26th
1. What is a newspaper? (activity: reading for information)
BRING IN MYSTERY NOVELS. Keep your book in your locker until I return on Thursday.

May 27th

May 28th
Collect "What is a Newspaper?"
Each hour had a different activity

May 29th
Everyone with a zero will work on missing assignments.
"The Bet" one of my favorite stories will be shared on audio, written by Anton Chekov.

June 1st
Some classes will listen to "The Bet" 1st and 2nd.
Other classes will read "The Necklace" another short story I enjoy.

June 2nd
Compare and contrast "The Bet" and "The Necklace"
Biography of King Arthur.

June 3rd
Finish Biography of King Arthur
Read "King Arthur" in red literature book.

June 4th
1&2 hours--finish up King Arthur
4-6th hours-- Informational reading--finish for homework

June 5th
Field Day
1st and 2nd get informational reading packet.
4-6th mark packet in class and watch a video.

June 8th
Honors Assembly and Talent show.

June 9th